About Us


CharLit Social Riders is a cycling platform that uses riding to promote health and wellness.  It was founded by Quiana Dixon, owner of a mental health company.  When COVID interrupted our lives Ms. Dixon was in search of an outlet that allowed a release.  Like many people, when the gym closed down, she began to look for creative ways in the house to get active.  A close friend introduced her to the sport and she fell in love right away.  After riding a full season Ms. Dixon’s passion for cycling and using cycling as a socially supportive platform to help others get away from life’s problem was something she knew she wanted to create.  Cycling allows you to become one with the outdoor elements and allows individuals to focus on deep concentrated breathing while riding.  It also allows someone to escape their current reality while listening to the tunes they enjoy, while beating the pavement on two wheels.  Cycling gets the blood flowing, providing low impact to the knees while allowing riders to get those endorphins flowing.  “Cycling has provided me an extended sister and brotherhood that I am grateful to have.  It never hurts to laugh soooooo hard your stomach hurts,” says Dixon.  

Ms. Dixon has introduced cycling to friends, family and even patients. Everyone has admitted that the concentrated deep breathing, release of endorphins, and support and laughter with great people, was the recipe for the best dish they’ve ever tasted.

Do you need an outlet?  Do you want to get active?  Do you need an inclusive place where you will feel supported?  Do you want to laugh until your stomach hurts?  If so, we welcome you and this is the place for you.

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